“If you truly plan on going social and taking advantage of the best tools to advance your business and your brand, this could be the most important book you read this year. Get ready to be overwhelmed, challenged, and most importantly equipped with what it takes to build a career with Klout!”

~Scott Friedman
Author of Celebrate! Lessons Learned
from the World’s most Admired Organizations


“Klout Matters was a konvicting read for this Kevin. Despite being a best-selling author, I realized that because Klout was off my radar I’m not serving (and selling to) an unreached, but reachable audience. Thanks to Klout Matters, Klout now matters because it awakened me and elevated my business trajectory. Now it is time to karry on with Klout.”

~Kevin W. McCarthy
Author, The On-Purpose Person

“As a professional speaker, I’ve heard that meeting professionals often look for high Klout scores when choosing presenters. They want to ensure we have an established platform and are true influencers. ‘Klout Matters’ is a step-by-step guide to build and maintain that score and be more effective with social media, while reminding us it’s all about relationships.”

~Tricia Molloy
Speaker and Author of Working with Wisdom

“Klout Matters is an exciting road map for anyone seeking insight into building his or her digital influence. If you are seeking ways to increase opportunities by digitally engaging customers, or you want to create more digital influence for whatever reason, “Klout Matters” is a must-read book for you.

In my opinion, in writing “Klout Matters”, Terry Brock and Gina Carr have written a pending bestseller.”

~Greg Williams
The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert
Author “Negotiate: Afraid, ‘Know’ More”
and the forth coming book, “Negotiate and Read Body Language”
Negotiation Strategies to get What You Want

“If there’s anyone who knows why Klout Matters it’s Gina Ca rr and Terry Brock. They convinced me long ago that paying attention to and building a Klout score is as essential to building credibility as a BBB score for businesses. As a result, Klout Matters has taught me toI use my Klout score as a barometer of where I need to engage more closely, and how to connect better with my market. In short, Klout Matters will help any thought leader, industry expert and business to build their relationships and brand success.”

~Laura Rubinstein
Creator of the Social Media Blast Off System
and co-founder, Social Buzz Club


“When people tell me they don’t know what Klout is and don’t know why they need to understand it, I tell them that Klout has gotten me business and made me money. Because when my advertising agency pitches new clients I explain what Klout is and then challenge my potential client to look at the Klout scores of the CEOs of the other agencies they’re considering. After all, if they expect their agencies to understand social media, doesn’t it make sense to work with a firm that uses it well themselves? We’ve already won four pitches based on that little technique.

That’s only one of the things that Klout can do for you and your business. And Terry Brock and Gina Carr, the authors of Klout Matters, understand better than anyone how to take full advantage of this powerful new business tool. Better yet, they explain exactly how you can not only raise your Klout score but how to make it work for you.

Look at it this way. Sooner or later you’re going to discover Klout and you’re going to learn how to use it. Why not grab this book now and get the unfair advantage of figuring it out before your competitors do?”

~Bruce Turkel


“In Klout Matters Gina Carr and Terry Brock masterfully explore understanding your Klout Score, the ramifications of having a high or low score, the gaming changing concepts involving this new area and how to improve your score.”

~George Horrigan
author of Creating a Thriving Business and
Founder & CEO of Fountainhead Consulting Group, Inc.


“Every wonder why it pays to have KLOUT? Terry Brock and Gina Carr show SPECIFIC ways to leverage your KLOUT score to position yourself as a respected thought-leader and topic expert so you dramatically increase your visibility and profitability. Read it and reap.”

~Sam Horn
Creator of POP! and SPECIAL-T.


“An insightful and informative book! As we evolve further into a social media-centric world, Klout is gaining more and more attention. Gina and Terry provide insightful ideas on how to use social media to engage customers more effectively, build more meaningful connections, and build more business–all by raising your Klout score. They also show how, as in most of life, it’s not just about raising your Klout score: it’s about engaging people, clients, and building business relationships—and doing it the right way.”

~Tim and Kris O’Shea
Speakers, Humorists, Thought Leaders


“By using this resource to navigate the turbulent waters of social media, Klout Matters can help you not only raise your Klout score but also assist you in getting more business as a thought leader. I particularly enjoyed the key resources of Podcasts, YouTube channels, and blogs where you can learn about what is important to know about Klout, how to position yourself on the web, and what steps to take in order to get a competitive advantage in your respective industry. If you want that edge, buy this book and apply the very straightforward steps.”

~John B. Molidor, Ph.D.
Author, Crazy Good Interviewing! How
Acting A Little Crazy Can Get You The Job

CEO and President, Michigan State University,
Flint Area Medical Education and Professor
and assistant Dean, Michigan State University


“The next time you visit a hotel, your Klout score might determine the size of your room. Want the table by the window at your favorite restaurant? You better hope your Klout score is higher than the person standing next to you. Your social influence has become measurable and is changing the way businesses interact with their customers. You can either ignore it or capitalize from it. Terry Brock and Gina Carr have penned the only book you need to read to understand and benefit from your Klout score. Read it before your competition does!”

~Corey Perlman
Digital Marketing Speaker and Author of eBoot Camp!


“My fear of being absorbed by the BORG of social media has been replaced by the excitement of knowing what small steps I can take to begin to engage my customers in ways I am likely to enjoy–and wherein they will see more of the value I can offer.

Thank you, Terry & Gina–it is good to know that it’s not too late to build my digital influence–and that Klout can be a valuable indicator to measure my success!”

~David Gouthro, CSP
The Consulting Edge


“I have to thank Terry Brock and Gina Carr for the marvelous work. I never realized the importance of a Klout score, but I do know. Just by reading this book I have applied their knowledge and my Klout score has went up 10 points. The great thing about that is the recognition & business coming from that. You guys rock!!”

~JB Glossinger
Host for World’s #1 Rated Podcast on
Personal Development, Morning Coach


“People behaviour and brand has a direct impact on the overall corporate brand today – it can weaken and dilute it, or it can enhance and reinforce it. The personalty of any business is defined by it’s people and the experiences they create for their clients and customers. The individual brand of a person therefore has significant effect on the success of any business. The brand of an individual on-line represents a fundamental element of their reputation. This book is therefore an essential tool for not only raising your own personal on-line impact but that of your organization. It contains everything you need to ensure your on-line Klout is working for your personal brand and your corporate message.”

~Lesley Everett
Personal Brand Expert and Author of Walking TALL
President of Global Speakers Federation, 2013-2014


“In today’s fast-paced, global economy, influence matters. Measuring influence has been a controversial topic but I love how Gina Carr and Terry Brock objectively analyze the Klout tool and really explain why you need to sit up and pay attention to it. They give practical tips and tricks to managing your own score and also outline the myths surrounding Klout. Absolutely essential reading for anyone doing business online!”

~Andrea Vahl
Social Media and Facebook Marketing Expert


WOW! This is a fantastic read; not just in regards to understanding and using Klout, but for understanding our new social world, how to build influence and our business! Terry and Gina have taken on a timely and newly emerging topic with wonderful research and a look at this topic from every angle. I believe they have opened this topic right up for exploration, contemplation and action! After all, tomorrow’s success will be determined by today’s networking efforts.

Who should be reading and taking thorough notes on this book? Every business owner needs to listen to the advice here and carve out time to build influence. Employees working in a corporate environment need to look at establishing a personal brand that will help pull them up into those corporate spotlights that get noticed and parents better grab a copy of this book and teach these skills to their high-school and college students who will find tomorrow a very different place to be looking for jobs.

Terry and Gina are absolutely right. Whether it’s Klout, Kred or the next service to figure out a better system, we will be paying more and more attention to our social influence levels and so will our potential customers, employers and maybe even potential spouses!

Well done and congratulations!

~Gina Schreck
President and CEO, SocialKNX


“The world is changing quickly, and no matter what your age, it’s important to remain relevant. And part of that means taking advantage of all the tools available to market your company and yourself. An online presence — including social media – is crucial when it comes to marketing, as more and more people are relying on their digital devices to research businesses, people and products. Gina Carr and Terry Brock, two very savvy marketing experts, break down what Klout (yes, with a K!) means, how you can build your score, and why it should be important to you.”

~Mary Jo Martin
Editorial Director, The Wholesaler magazine


As we navigate through social media both personally and professionally, Terry and Gina make solid sense of why Klout does Matter. In addition to providing clarity about Klout with respect to all aspects of communications, they spell out the specifics on “how to” raise your digital presence. Klout Matters is a great tool.

~Bryan C. Shirley
Expert on Manufacturers, Reps and Distribution


“For those who are asking, “What really works in utilizing social media for business purposes?” Rejoice! You will get your answer in Klout Matters. Terry and Gina have created the social media bible on how to both achieve and measure your results. The readers will acquire a wealth of ideas for increasing their value for their target markets and be warned about the dangers of short term gaming tactics. Whether one is a beginner or a guru, this book will be extremely informative.”

~Ken Futch, CSP


“As a recovering banker with a great FICO score and a pretty good BMI, I thought my job as a college professor, thought leader and PBS talk show host was pretty darn influential…until I read Terry Brock and Gina Carr’s book on Klout. What I learned is that I didn’t have the clout I thought…or that I could have. They have explained the power of Klout in words that even a media person and educator can understand. But the reason you should buy this book is because, if you have something important to share, you will know how and why your own personal Klout matters..and what to do about it!”

~Dennis McCuistion
hosts the McCuistion program on PBS and runs
the Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance
at the University of Texas at Dallas


“Did you know that Klout Matters? Both the wonderful book “Klout Matters” by Terry Brock and Gina Carr – and your Klout score matters. Want to know why? Because some employers and customers are asking what your Klout score is. Hollywood studios are even asking actors for their Klout score before confirming them for a role for a movie! If you don’t know your Klout score is – or how to lift it – you need to read this book. 5 stars out of 5.”

~Craig Rispin, CSP
Business Futurist & Innovation Expert
Speaker, Author & Mentor
Author of “How to Think Like a Futurist”


“Klout is not just another trend looking for a function. It’s an invaluable tool in every marketer’s armoury. This book explains how Klout works, how to make the most of using it, and why it is so important. Gina Carr and Terry Brock have done us all a great service. You will undoubtedly benefit from taking their advice, and reaping the rewards that follow”

~Alan Stevens
Past President, Global Speakers Federation


“Frankly, I don’t like Klout. I didn’t like it before and I don’t like it after reading this great book, either. But guess what? Now I know I can’t ignore it. And neither can you. Reading Brock and Carr’s fascinating book is an essential step in your business education. This book is really about smart, savvy ways to increase your impact, influence, and income. Do THAT and you’ll boost not only your clout, but also your Klout and your Kash!”

~David Newman
professional services marketing expert, marketing keynote speaker, and author of Amazon #1 bestseller “Do It! Marketing”


“Terry Brock and Gina Carr have put together a book to answer the mysteries of Klout. These two internationally praised marketing strategists come at it from a business point of view, not just raising a score. They give easy-to-understand examples of how to not only raise your Klout Score, but to increase business by connecting better with customers.”

~Gene Griessman, Ph.D.
Award-winning professional speaker and author


“Whenever I have questions, queries or quandaries about the Internet or Social Media, I immediately revert to the lessons I have learned from Terry Brock and Gina Carr. Now they have packaged the secrets of their successes in KloutMatters. WOW! What a fantastic resource.”

~Max Hitchins
The Hospitality Doctor, Author of The Hospitality Jungle


“Brock and Carr’s fascinating and very readable book gives concrete legs to the vital question of how much influence you have. If you are at all interested in your social media impact – and who isn’t these days – this book will help you to understand how your influence can be quantified. The book is measured; it doesn’t just promote one idea. It carefully considers how, in a world bombarded by social media, it’s a very good idea to have more than a gut feel for how you are influencing the world. And that’s where Klout comes in. As the authors write, it’s more than the latest buzzword; it’s an entire approach for positioning yourself so you are chosen when ever everyone else looks equal in the marketplace. this is a subject we’re been skirting around for several years, and this books begins to sort out how we can quantify social influence. Get it and read it before you get Klouted by all your competitors.”

~Janelle Barlow, Ph.D.
President, TMI US


“Finally, a book that opens the curtains to find out how much influence you and your brand actually have, and what you can do to increase your impact.”

~Shelle Rose Charvet
author of the international bestseller, Words That Change Minds
Past President of Canadian Association of Professional Speakers


“Klout matters! Colleagues, potential employers, and industry leaders check your Klout numbers to determine whether you are an influencer in your field. Terry Brock and Gina Carr reveal the inside tips and tricks for raising your Klout score. This is a must-read for anyone serious about social media in business.”

~Dan Poynter, The Book Futurist
Author of The Self-Publishig Manual


If you are an entrepreneur or a solopreneur you know that your ability to connect through social networks is crucial to your success or do you?

In the book Klout Matters by Terry Brock and Gina Carr you will learn why ‘klout matters’ because it means increasing connection to your tribe or communities through social media and it will help you to better position yourself as a thought leader. It’s not about the ‘score’ but it is about having a place that aggregates and keeps track of your social media influence and helps you to focus your efforts. For that reason I pay close attention to my Klout score because it lets me know how I am doing with my social media and how I can improve. Read this book, learn from this book and watch your influence grow.

~Cheryl Cran, CSP, HoF
Author of “Leading In a Digital Age” and “101 Ways To Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work”


“This book is disturbing. It has persuaded me when I just didn’t want to be persuaded. I have always been a proudly bigoted Anti-Social Media Philistine. But Brock and Carr have dragged me to Damascus via Klout in an original, entertaining, practical and totally infuriating way.”

~Graham Davis


“Not only did Terry and Gina teach me what Klout was, they taught me how to raise my number and the importance of the information you produce and post on social media. From beginner to advanced this book is a must read if you are looking to influence others in one way or another. They inspired me and I now realize how important it is to only produce important, influential material for social media, as it has the potential to be seen by thousands of people. Who doesn’t want to influence others? Thank you Terry and Gina for putting so much time and effort into producing “Klout Matters” for all of us who are hoping to tap into the power of Klout!”

~Chad Hymas CSP
CPAE- 2011 inductee to National Speakers Hall of Fame


“This powerful, practical book shows you how to supercharge your sales with some of the most effective marketing techniques ever discovered.”

~Brian Tracy
Author, Now, Build A Great Business


“I’ve known Terry Brock for 20 years, and he is consistently right about which emerging technology will actually have impact. Now he and Gina have put together a great book on how to use social media effectively, for business. Yes, it’s about raising your Klout Score – a good thing – but it’s really how to be a better social media citizen, engaging more effectively with customers, and doing more and better business – which is a great thing!”

~Warren Evans
Certified Speaking Professional,
Professional Speaking Hall of Fame (Canada), Author


“I tried to ignore Klout, however when I starting losing marketing work because my Klout score was too low, I most definitely had to take notice. The challenge has been…trying to understand Klout had been like trying to unravel the mysteries of life…until now. A huge thank you Terry Brock and Gina Carr is in order for writing this crucial work that is so necessary in this new era of social Internet interaction. After just one week, using Terry and Gina’s suggestions, my Klout score jumped 7 points.”

~Ed Rigsbee
author of The Art of Partnering,
Developing Strategic Alliances and PartnerShift


“One of the most exciting upsides of social media is that merit matters more than money, and merit is often measured by the value of our ideas. That’s why I’m an avid fan of Klout Matters because it shows us exactly how we measure up to others so we can get ever better at what we offer, thus legitimately burnishing our brand – and benefitting from it.”

~Kare Anderson
CEO Say it Better Center
Contributor to Forbes and Huffington Post


“With so much social media “noise”, it’s hard to know what’s important and what’s not. In this book Terry & Gina cut through the “noise” and identify the What, Why and How of Klout. A valuable insight for cutting through and understanding the relevance and impact of Klout. Great work Terry & Gina!”

~Donna Hanson
Technology Commentator, Prime Solutions Training & Consulting


“At last! A roadmap to not only understand our Klout scores — something that is growing in importance every day — but also to expand our knowledge about creating enhanced connectivity! Terry and Gina have authored not only a guidebook to greater business success…they’re also our guide to expanding connections that can last a lifetime.”

~Scott McKain
Speaker, Author


“At first I didn’t get Klout – I simply didn’t understand how it could be important. That was until I read this book. Klout Matters by Terry Brock and Gina Carr has shown me how to engage with the platforms I choose to work with to be more effective in reaching my social media goals. Klout Matters goes way beyond your Klout score. It’s a critical road map for any one who’s social media relevance matters.”

~Paul du Toit, CSP
& co-author of The Exceptional Speaker


Gina and Terry are the new masters of relevant, practical advice to developing a sustainable business model . Klout Matters … lays out a compelling case for how to definitively use a social media technology which till now has been a mystery to many.

This groundbreaking book reminds us that no matter what, it’s still about engaging with your customers as the critical ingredient to building a long term successful business, but it’s how you engage with who you know that helps build your distinctive brand.

Klout Matters cuts through the trial and error that had us spending thousands on what didn’t work and gives us a guide to attaining measurable, achievable results. Finally we have a roadmap to influence the groups and individuals we want to reach in an understandable relevant work we can take immediate action on. This book needs to be in the hands of anyone and everyone who is in sales, marketing and influencing for the greater good.

~Niki Nicastro McCuistion: CSP
Strategic consultant, speaker, author
Executive Producer/ Producer: The McCuistion Program


“Being successful online today is more important then being successful in print or on television was 20 years ago. Gina Carr and Terry Brock will give you just what you need to know to make it happen with Klout and online. A must read!”

~Sam Silverstein
Author of No More Excuses
Past President: National Speakers Association


“If you want long term influence in your marketplace then Terry and Gina have put together a blueprint for how you can do exactly that. However don’t read this if you want a quick win approach to gaming the system because as you will discover this book (which in my opinion will become a classic must read book for anyone with a desire to positively impact the world through social media) will only work for you if you have the raw material to be a genuine influencer”

~Michael Tipper
British Author, Speaker


“Social Media is becoming more and more prevalent as time goes by. It is absolutely crucial for business owners, authors, coaches or anyone who is dealing with the public professionally to have a strong online presence. For anyone who is seeking a job must have an online presence as well. This will make or break their business. Klout is a tool that measures how much of a strong online as well as offline presence someone has, and the user is awarded a score. The higher the Klout score, the better as it is an indicator that the user does not only have a strong online and offline presence- however is influential in his/her field of expertise. Terry and Gina both talk in detail about Klout, not only to raise your score but how to truly be influential in your fields. This is a must read for every business owner, job seeker or anyone who is dealing with the public professionally”

~Miriam Slozberg
Social Media and SEO Consultant, and Social Media Coach


“Despite the fact that I (like many professionals) am moving from offline to online to broaden my business scope ‘Klout’ was yet just another internet ‘thing’ I had to get my head around and I was reluctant to even look at it. But wow….having read Terry and Gina’s book that has so changed!! They make a compelling argument as to Klout’s value to professionals everywhere. This is a must read for every professional. Terry and Gina make it so approachable and engaging and I totally recommend this.”

~Sean Weafer
Founder SalesDojo.com, author and speaker


“In a connected economy the people that manage their network relationships derive influence from them, and that matters in a world that measures everything. Gina Carr and Terry Brock thoroughly examine the measurement of digital influence in Klout Matters, and how you can prepare your business for it.”

~Jeff Korhan
author of Built-In Social: Essential Social
Marketing Practices for Every Small Business


“If you are an entrepreneur or a solopreneur you know that your ability to connect through social networks is crucial to your success or do you? In the book Klout Matters by Terry Brock and Gina Carr you will learn why ‘klout matters’ because it means increasing connection to your tribe or communities through social media and it will help you to better position yourself as a thought leader. It’s not about the ‘score’ but it is about having a place that aggregates and keeps track of your social media influence and helps you to focus your efforts. For that reason I pay close attention to my Klout score because it lets me know how I am doing with my social media and how I can improve. Read this book, learn from this book and watch your influence grow.”

~Cheryl Cran, CSP, HoF
Author of Leading In a Digital Age and
101 Ways To Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work


“A notable track coach for years has urged his runners to focus on winning every race – “Your times will take care of themselves,” he states. So too do authors Brock & Carr as they examine Klout Scores in their new book Klout Matters. They wisely encourage speakers, consultants, social media practitioners, and others, to concentrate on providing compelling and meaningful content that will paint them as true influencers and “The natural outcome will be a higher and stronger Klout Score.”

~Jack Foster
Editor, Agency Sales Magazine


“You like it or not big data big data is out there. You have the choice to ignore it or pay attention to it. Terry and Gina layout convincing argument why measuring your online influence matters. (Not stepping on that scale does not make your extra few pounds go away).”

~Can Ardic
CEO and Founder of Crowd Act


“KLOUT MATTERS is the resource that ties all the loose ends of measuring your social graph together. It is no longer a matter of if you will be engaged in the social graph it is a matter of when and how much. No matter if you are a solopreneur or social media marketing firm everyone should read and apply these strategies to be an influential contributor of the technology community. Read KLOUT MATTERS today to elevate and expand your business exponentially tomorrow.”

~Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP
CEO Leadership Solutions International
Speaker, Author, Thought Leader & Futurist
– Association Leadership


“Finally! A smart, easy-to-apply book filled with relevant ways to approach Klout and grow your influence. Terry Brock and Gina Carr cracked the code on creating genuine connection through social media. If you have customers, you must read this book.”

~Marilyn Suttle
coauthor of Who’s Your Gladys? How to Turn Even
the Most Difficult Customer Into Your Biggest Fan


“Noise! Activity! Overload! It’s tough to get mindshare in today’s cluttered world of business. What we desperately need is a tool to measure the ROI of our marketing efforts. Wait a minute, we have Klout! So now all we need is a blueprint to leverage Klout for massive social influence, impact and relationship capital. Hang on, we’ve now got Klout Matters! Terry and Gina have the perfect plan to not just count your conversations, but make your conversations count. Read it – you need it!”

~Rob Brown
Founder, Global Networking Council
Bestselling author of ‘How to Build Your Reputation’


“I have known Terry Brock, the business technology guru, for more than 25 years. He continuously impresses me with his uncanny ability to embrace, master and most importantly employ, ever-changing modes of technology to further his significant business endeavors. Now he and Gina Carr are making available a tool that allows the rest of us mere mortals an opportunity to do the same. In ‘Klout Matters: How to Engage Customers, Build Your Digital Influence and Raise Your Klout Score For Success’ Terry and Gina provide a peak behind the technology curtain of what is possible for us all. I intend to buy, read and apply “Klout Matters” in order to make my clout matter, too. I encourage you to do the same.”

~Phillip Van Hooser
author / speaker / leadership strategist
Author of “Leaders Ought To Know:
11 Ground Rules for Common Sense Leadership


Social media allows you to dramatically boost your influence online, and Klout allows you—and others—to measure that influence. Which makes Klout an essential tool for virtually anyone in business. In this powerful book, Terry Brock and Gina Carr show you step-by-step exactly how to master Klout and reap its many benefits.

~Don Cooper
The Sales Heretic™, International Speaker and Author


“KLOUT MATTERS is an indispensable tool for maximizing your success. If you are truly serious about taking your business to the next level then you have to buy this book. Why? Because KLOUT really does matter!”

~Steve Rizzo
Award Winning Speaker and
Author of “Get Your SHIFT Together”


“Klout – what is is? Whether you like it or not, people are turning to social signals and looking for signs of online authority before they choose who to follow, work with and listen to.

There is so much common sense and insight that has been woven into this book, it is full of practical tips and down to earth ideas that people should be considering, whether they are bothered about their Klout score or not. The way people are perceived or measured online is complex and not simply about figures or algorithms and I love that Terry and Gina share that the key to positioning yourself with authority is to “focus on making your customers “giddy with glee” instead of focussing on how do I raise my score!

If you want to understand what Klout is all about and why it matters, then this is a MUST read book by two incredibly knowledgeable and skilled thought leaders.”

~Carol Dodsley
The GPlus How2Girl


“How can you rise above the social media “noise” and be recognized as a strong voice of influence? Until now, rising above the din has been largely a hit or miss proposition for many of us. Terry Brock and Gina Carr have demystified KLOUT, the most well-known platform for measuring social media influence and impact. When you understand how social media influence is measured, you will be better able to engage and impact your audience. Make no mistake; this book is not a formulaic approach for simply raising your KLOUT score. Brock and Carr emphasize that your engagement, authenticity, and trustworthiness are the foundations for any social media strategy. Brock and Carr will show you how incorporating all of it raises your KLOUT score and increases your credibility.”

~Ann Zuccardy
President, AZ Communications,
speaker and author of A Brain Rebooted:
Creating New Pathways for Business and Life


“If you understand that your ability to influence is critical to your success as a thought leader, entrepreneur or business person and you want to measure your social media effectiveness, then you must read Klout Matters. Carr and Brock give you a roadmap for understanding Klout along with numerous strategies and tips for increasing your influence and relevance.”

~Kathy Zader
President, Zoom Strategies


“Want to influence your potential customers? Want to be seen as a serious service provider? Then, you need to know how to increase your Klout. Thanks Terry and Gina for this example rich, practical “how to” that even the most novice of us can understand.”

~Linda Byars Swindling, JD, CSP
Author of Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers:
How to Negotiate Work Drama to Get More Done


“A high Klout score can get you your dream job, help you land a multimillion dollar sponsorship deal, or make your video go viral.When you “get” how Klout works, you enter a new realm of social influence possibility. “Klout Matter”s nails it. If you’re committed to growing your social influence, this is the one to read.”

~Shawne Duperon
Six-Time EMMY® Winning Media Coach, ShawneTV


“Finally! … an understandable guide to implementing the power of Klout in your marketing plan. If you’re serious about making your on-line social presence really matter, you simply must read this book.”

~Kit Grant, CSP, HoF
Author of Customer Service – Who Really Cares?


“In this unique book Gina Carr and Terry Brock lift the lid on how you can increse your on-line influence and in turn your business. When I finished reading this book I was far better informed and most importantly inspired to take action to increase my digital influence. I recommend that you buy this book, read this book and then do exactly what Gina and Terry advise. You’ll be glad that you did!”

~Simon Hazeldine
International Speaker and Bestselling Author
of five books including “Neuro-Sell: How
Neuroscience Can Power Your Sales Success”


“Klout Matters will help the reader make marketing efforts more targeted. Moreover, Terry Brock and Gina Carr help the reader to understand that social media isn’t just about “spray and pray” marketing but rather emphasizes that growing a business is indeed about building those all- important relationships and not just about the “OK I’ll tag you if you tag me” mindsets. You see, Klout isn’t about just doing, the doing must produce interactions by others to your content.

These two knowledgeable authors also help business people to understand the importance of Klout and that it is not just another social media gizmo surround by the buzz of the moment. This book even provides a guide to Klout based on your type of business. Klout is serious business and can have a profound impact on people like your customers. This is because Klout helps establish that all important level of trust. This is a trust that your customer, thanks to Klout, can base more on logic than emotion.

As always, these two dynamos offer great resources to readers by providing several indexes to help you boost your business and your Klout score.”

~Diane Bogino
President Performance Strategies, Inc.


In trendy towns such as New York or Los Angeles, if you’re Klout score isn’t high-end you may not get invited to high-end events. Whether one likes it or not, a Klout score is perhaps humanity’s first life-measurement of power and influence. This is the future, and it’s best to embrace these changes. And what better way to embrace than with the latest knowledge? Klout Matters is the most authoritative source on how to be influential in social media that I’ve seen.

~Dave Lieber
columnist, The Dallas Morning News


“In Klout Matters, Terry Brock and Gina Carr show why they are leaders among the thought leaders. They provide an entertaining and informative journey through the mystery of Klout. Not only do they prove why Klout is important, they give a detailed step-by-step process for how Klout works and how we can work it for our benefit. They’ve provided great content for the social media savvy and the social media novice alike. I could not endorse Klout Matters with more enthusiasm. If you care about your business, your influence and, in turn, your bottom line, it is a must read.”

~Joy Ragan
Attorney, Speaker, Thought Leader
and Author of Divorce with Joy – A Divorce
Attorney’s Guide to Happy Ever After


“If influence is today’s social currency, then this book will help you get rich. Klout Matters offers insight into one of the most widely used social influence measurement tools on the market, and provides businesses and individuals with a road map for using Klout to leverage their influence and build vibrant online communities that will amplify their message.”

~Mark Fidelman
Author, Socialized! How the Most Successful
Businesses Harness the Power of Social

and Managing Director, Evolve!


“Do you have social influence, relevance, recognition, pertinence and significance? In other words, do you have Klout? If you want it, then social media experts Gina Carr and Terry Brock will teach you how to get it.”

~Shep Hyken
customer service expert and
New York Times bestselling author


“The Internet is full of myths, half truths and complete lies about Klout. Thank goodness then for this book which puts things into perspective and does so in an approachable and easy-to-read way. Packed with practical advice and solid information I have no hesitation in recommending this book – and part of that is due to the fact that it focused on people and relationships as being the fundamental basis for success with Klout. Sound advice. If you want to improve the way you use the Internet and succeed in your business, you need this book.”

~Graham Jones
Internet Psychologist


“Wow! If you’re a thought leader, business leader, entrepreneur – or even forward-thinking employee – and you want to increase your influence and authority in a crowded and cluttered online world, this is a must-read book.

The book is based on the online reputation tool Klout, but it’s far better than most resources on this topic, which simply offer dubious tips and tricks for improving your Klout score. Instead, in this book, Terry Brock and Gina Carr share the practical, in-depth and effective secrets for building a successful online presence, based on thought leadership, genuine engagement, and providing value. And THAT will automatically boost your online reputation.

They don’t pull any punches, either! They describe what works, but aren’t shy to also highlight what WON’T work, and what traps to avoid. That alone will save you countless hours of time, unnecessary costs, and endless frustration.

As a consultant who works with people who want to leverage their expertise and authority, I’m always looking for valuable resources on this topic to share with my clients – and this is one of the best.”

~Gihan Perera


“Why read this book? What will it mean for you and your business? Klout provides a clear pathway on how to create online content that engages and connects with customers.Just as importantly this book shows you how to track your results and know if your achieving “Klout” within your target audience.If you want to know the truth about social media and how to get the ROI you desire, read and reap.”

~C.Richard Weylman
Chairman and CEO of Weylman Consulting Group


“Terry Brock and Gina Carr have convinced me–I need to care about Klout. Before reading this insightful and practical book, I viewed my Klout score as a novelty that proved I was still with it to my millennial nieces and nephews. Now I know that the ability to measure influence is the holy grail of engaging customers and building brand identity. Influence defines relevance. Relevance defines success in a digital world where the connection is to people–not pages. Klout defines your relevance. Don’t be irrelevant. Read Klout Matters today.”

~Randy G. Pennington
Author, Make Change Work and Results Rule!


“In today’s competitive world the advantage is no longer “who you know” but “who knows you”. Terry and Gina have written a book on Klout, no, it is really a roadmap on measuring how effective you have been in getting people to know you and how you connect with the social media community all over the world. With the importance that Klout is gaining, this is the” must read book” to bring you up to speed in raising your score and increasing your opportunities to be more successful in your business. Congratulations Gina and Terry on a well written and very valuable book.”

~Joachim de Posada
International speaker and best selling author
of Don’t Eat the Marshmallow…Yet


“Klout Matters is a must read for leaders in any field who want to strategically increase their social media influence to elevate their digital brand, accelerate positive results, and stay ahead of the competition. Buy it and read it today, before your competition does!”

~Daniel Burrus
Author of The New York Times bestseller, Flash Foresight


“This book is a complete primer that is critically needed and will greatly benefit business people, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and anyone else who wants to have greater influence in the new world of social media. Terry and Gina demistify Klout and provide usable strategies for increasing your Klout score, and more importantly, your impact and success. I’m glad I read it and recommend you read it, too.”

~Mark Sanborn
author, Thre Fred Factor and
Your Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader
President, Sanborn & Associcates, Inc.


“The best part about Terry Brock and Gina Carr’s incredible book Klout Matters is that is written in a way that makes it easy for anyone to understand. Their information is stellar–but the way it is presented is what makes it so appealing to those of us who aren’t very Klout-savvy. Or at least not Klout-savvy up to now! I’m thrilled to add my praises for the book for two reasons: first, it’s just that good….and secondly, having my name listed will probably raise my Klout score.”

~David Glickman
CSP, President, Healthcare Humor


“In a time of ever changing technology, whether we like it or not there are platforms like Klout that are here to stay to give ourselves and let others know how we are doing in Social Media Engagement and Influence. Terry Brock and Gina Carr did a brilliant job in laying out a canvas of what Klout is, and giving us the important What’s, Why’s, When’s, How’s, Where’s and Who’s of Klout and Social Media in general. I think it is a great book for anyone wanting to understand and navigate the waters of the world of Social Media Influence. Enjoy the Journey Terry & Gina ~ Congratulations!”

~Carly Alyssa Thorne
Co-Author of “Contemplating Change ~ One’s Quotes”


“Where were you, Klout, and where were you, Gina and Terry, when I was “growing up.” My professional speaking and consulting career began and, basically, ended with the publication of my books on Management by Objectives and Results and my later 3-book series Morrisey on Planning. I relied almost entirely on my books to generate business for me. I drool, now that I am retired, to think about “what might have been.” Gina Carr and Terry Brock have written the consummate book about how to really connect with potential clients through social networking and other current media and, more importantly, determining how effective my efforts have been in this arena. Don’t miss this opportunity to significantly expand your business and your impact on others.”

~George Morrisey
Author, Consultant

“Klout! Maybe you have a bit or maybe you have never given it much thought. Either way, after reading Klout Matters, your entire perception about Klout will change. Terry and Gina have moulded together some of the most transformational ideas and suggestions ever presented on not only how to raise your Klout, but to make it go vertical!”

~Dan Deigan
Podcaster, Marketing Expert