About Klout

What is Klout About?

Klout is a system that has been devised, and continues to undergo regular refinement, to analyze and measure the degree of a person’s influence.

In sum, if your work relates to influencing others to take action, then you should pay attention to Klout. Is it for everyone? Not quite. However, if you work as a professional speaker, coach, consultant, facilitator, author, entertainer, blogger, podcaster, or in any other profession where you influence others, you need to pay attention to Klout.

These thought leaders are people who have always exerted a certain amount of influence over others. In the past one’s degree of influence was always open to subjectivity. It still is today, even with the use of Klout.

In our book, Klout Matters: How to Engage Customers, Build Your Digital Influence— and Raise Your Klout Score For Success! , you will discover not only what Klout is but how successful people are using it to accomplish a lot. It is about measuring the influence that a person has in the online and offline world. A score of 0-100 is assigned on a daily basis to over 200 million people around the world.

The beauty of Klout, and what you really want to know about it, is that as you practice the steps outlined in the book, you will be able to engage with customers, build you digital influence and build your business. Oh, and by the way, you will be able to raise your Klout Score in many cases.

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